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"I have used LinkedIn to develop my own business. When I started my business, like everyone, I needed clients. However, I didn’t want to go to endless networking events. I just didn’t have the time. I wanted to find a more efficient and effective approach. Because of this, I developed a 5-step process to help me get found by my ideal client. And it worked! 

In fact 80% of my business comes from my LinkedIn profile. I spend zero dollars on advertising. I have worked with thousands of professionals to help them achieve the same results."

See what our clients say...

"Kylie was referred to me by my acquaintance to develop my LinkedIn profile to position my services in the corporate market. Kylie spent quality time to understand my journey and accordingly worked on my SEO, positioning and connection. I found Kylie to be highly professional who knows her craft. I would highly recommend her service to experts who want to attract leads here on LinkedIn." - Chinmay, Sydney.

"Kylie’s program content was easy to use, practical and informative. Completing the course gave me the skills not only to engage with the application, but also to clarify my skill set and be able to articulate those skills effectively. Within a month of completing the course, my ability to articulate and demonstrate my skills have led to job offers of work, and my Linkedin connections are growing rapidly. LinkedIn Done With You by Kylie Chown – time, effort and money well invested." - Megan K, Manager, Brisbane.

"Kylie helped me to understand the complexity of LinkedIn profile development. From developing a SEO strategy to having a profile that positions me and the business in a way that supports our future goals. This combined with the coaching means that I can now leverage LinkedIn to represent, and support the business in a proactive manner." - David, Brisbane.

"Kylie worked alongside me in developing my LinkedIn profile when I established my practice. Kylie’s expertise in identifying key words in my profile was exactly what I needed. As a consequence of Kylie’s work on my profile, I have seen a direct increase in contacts from people outside my networks, and increased business inquiries. This has definitely been a worthwhile investment. " Maree, Sydney.

"Not only did she have clear working knowledge of LinkedIn and optimising my profile for my ideal client, she had a clear strategic vision for utilising LinkedIn to improve my lead generation. Best of all, my profile views have tripled in the 4 short weeks since we did our work together and I have increased my connections by almost 15 percent. I highly recommend her!" - Geoff, Sydney.

"Before working with Kylie on my profile I knew there was opportunity within LinkedIn. We worked together to develop a strategy that reflects my goals. This meant my profile was Search Engine Optimised so that people could find me. The positioning means that I am engaging with my ideal audience. The most exciting news is that my profile views are up 57% already. I am now in the top 10% of profile views which is an increase of 16% in the first weeks. While working with Kylie she made things simple and created the value I was looking for. Great experience!" - Candice, Brisbane

"Before meeting Kylie I was unsure as to whether I required a presence on LinkedIn. I stuck in my comfort zone; Facebook. But since joining I've made many connections and it's been great for my business. It's resulted new clients and has led me to discover that my ideal client (target market) is in fact on LinkedIn. I have had comments made about the professionalism of my bio, yet it still depicts my personality. The training Kylie provided was fantastic so I felt confident to jump straight on and engage with people." - Jade, Brisbane

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